The Four Productivity Habits 4 - Huddles
What makes a good Huddle?
Let's look at what makes a good Huddle.

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Even though Huddles are short, energetic, stand-up meetings, they need to be focused to achieve specific objectives:

  • Review current performance
  • Identify ideas for improvement
  • Decide on actions to be taken

Length and frequency

Huddles are generally held for 10 to 15 minutes on a regular basis, according to the rhythm of the business.


Full attendance is expected at Huddles. It's important that everyone on the team blocks out time in their calendars.


Huddles are held around the VMB.

Shared facilitation

Facilitation can be rotated around the team to share responsibility and ownership.


Huddles focus on the performance of key processes displayed on the VMB. At their core, Huddles are data-driven and factual.

Attendance by senior leaders

Senior leaders attend Huddles to understand and support performance.

Celebrating success

Huddles are also an opportunity to recognise individual or team success and learn from what we do well.


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